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We supply a variety of CELLECTA products including the RUBBERfon impact acoustic roll and YELOfon soundproofing roll.

These products are used under screed to reduce impact noise.

The RUBBERfon Impact acoustic roll is an underlay roll used under screed in floor finishes such as ceramic tiles, vinyl, wood and laminate.

We also stock the RUBBERfon Edge which is used as an edging strip and the HG tape which is used to join the impact rolls together.

The RUBBERfon Impact is available in the following sizes:

  • RUBBERfon Impact 3 - 3mm X 1m X 15m
  • RUBBERfon Impact 5 - 5mm X 1m X 10m
  • RUBBERfon Impact 6 - 6mm X 1m X 8m

The YELOfon HD5 is a lightweight soundproofing roll used for concrete floors and underfloor heating systems with a floating screed.

This is avaliable as a 5mm X 1.5m X 75m roll

The YELOfon HD10+ is a high density acoustic resilient layer also used underneath a floating screed.

This is sold as a 50sq.m pack which includes:

  • 1 X YELOfon HD10+ roll (10mm X 1.5m X 33.33m)
  • 1 X E Strip (used at the beginning of installation around the perimeter)
  • 2 X J Strip (used to join sheets together)

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