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We carry a range of CMS Danskin products which are all used under screed as acoustic resilient layers. 

They are highly efficient at reducing impact noise and also impact damage to the subfloor.

In our CMS Danksin range we supply:

  • Regupol 7210C - 5mm X 1.15m X 2.25m (2.58sq.m)
  • Regupol E48 - 8mm X 1.15m X 13m (14.95sq.m)
  • Quietlay - 1.15m X 2.25m (2.58sq.m)
  • Soundfoam - 5mm X 2m X 50m (100sq.m)
  • Soundfoam - 10mm X 2m X 50m (100sq.m)

Regupol 7210C acoustic resilient layer is used to isolate screeds from the main structure to reduce impact noise and damage to the subfloor.

Regupol E48 is an acoustic flooring material used to isolate screed from the building structure to reduce impact noise and damage and can be used under a vast range of floor screeds. It is dimpled on one face to promote and improve sound absorbtion.

Quietlay is a rubberbound acoustic underscreed sheet which is used to reduce impact and airborne sound. 

Soundfoam is a resilient underscreed isolation material with a high elasticity which makes for fantastic impact sound absorbtion. It is available in a 5mm/10mm thickness.

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