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From the Jablite range we supply EPS boards which are heavy density expanded polystyrene panels.

Jabfloor boards can be used in all floor constructions particularly concrete floor slabs.

We supply two types of EPS boards from Jablite including the EPS70 and EPS100. 

The EPS70 is primarily for use in domestic applications, whereas the EPS100 is used in more trafficked properties such as offices or special occupancy residential buildings.

The Jablite EPS70 and EPS100 are sold in single sheets in the following sizes:

  • 25mm X 1200mm X 2400mm
  • 50mm X 1200mm X 2400mm
  • 75mm X 1200mm X 2400mm
  • 100mm X 1200mm X 2400mm
  • 150mm X 1200mm X 2400mm

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